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278. Subtle Inversion

We see with our naked eyes what happens in the physical world around us. It is the gross material plane. What is unseen or invisible is the subtle plane. Beyond the subtle plane resides the great divine powers in the causal plane where the law of cause and effect rules. The most obvious of these events is what we witness as the phenomenon where what is left unsaid becomes true. There is a good deal of subtle awareness in life. There is an equally good deal of unawareness of subtle phenomenon. 

The farmer is aware of the coming season, the office people know far ahead of time the coming inspection, every family knows the potential brides and bridegrooms in their near relative circle long before the event. Subtle awareness of what is in store for the future enables us to avail of more of it. The gross physical plane yields immediate results. In the subtle plane, greater benefits arise but not immediately. They come in their own time. A landlord of considerable property partitioned his vast lands between his four sons. He had a rice mill. All had their eyes on it. It went to the driver of the mill for his honest services. All values are subtle. They bring a great reward not at once, but in their own time.

There was a small film producer who was chummy with a scriptwriter. One day the financing producer asserted his money power and threw out the scriptwriter. Before the end of the year the scriptwriter became a Cabinet Minister. Now the film producer said to himself, "Had I known that this fellow would become a Minister, I would not have quarreled with him." He was unaware of the subtle political atmosphere that was shaping itself in the country. Someone said within a week of a politician becoming the Chief Minister, all those under him would quickly know which

temple he goes to, what his favourite foods are, his habits, what jokes he is allergic to, who are his close friends, bitter enemies, his relatives, etc. He added, "Our people are adepts in such knowledge."  It is true. Values like honesty, integrity, probity, loyalty, etc. keep us firmly rooted in the subtle plane and bring us the reward. When it comes, it will be unbelievable.



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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut