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201. Fear of Death

Youth has no fear. Death is not an idea that will ever enter the minds of youth. There was one who was possessed by a fear of death from a tender age. The possession was real. It was a preoccupation. Living with such a fear is living death. He would not even take his parents into confidence which could have mitigated the fear a little. The one thing he feared more was marriage and the responsibility it involves.

Much against his wishes, he was forced to marry. The one mission in his life was to go to every temple in the hope of getting rid of this curse. He spared no temple big or small, famous or not. The sought for solace eluded him. He joined the army and travelled far and wide. Wherever he went, he visited the temples everywhere. The fear seemed to increase slightly with every passing year.

On a tour arranged by the army, they visited a spiritual centre where he felt a substantial relief. This place was over a thousand miles from his work place. He looked for a job near that place and secured one in a Public Sector Unit. Having received relief, he visited the place frequently to be charged. It never occurred to him to secure a lasting benefit by learning how to invoke the Spirit.

Once some foreigners came to his company. One of the people they met was the Chairman of the school that this employee had started in honour of the institution which afforded him substantial relief. That Chairman sent this man to get the address of those foreigners to secure some support to his school. That made this man come into contact with one who was a Spiritual Individual who regularly invoked the Spirit. His contact offered a little more relief, as it was a personal human contact. The Spiritual Individual took interest in the school and offered to visit there once in 15 days. In between, this fear ridden man would visit him and copiously corresponded with him, as such letters were a source of relief. He once told the Spiritual Individual, "I get panicky if I don't get a letter for more than three days". Being an impatient person, he never offered to learn till his retirement the art of invoking the Spirit.


story | by Dr. Radut