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231. Problem–Free Life

Life is a field of endless problems. One can face them and surmount them according to his capacity. There is no question of life being free of problems. It is an inherent contradiction. When the Spirit comes to the surface, its essential duty is to resolve contradictions into complements. Theoretically, if there is someone who lives by the Spirit, he can have a problem-free Life. It is an exalted aim. I wish to have a householder's version of it, manageable by the ordinary man. By this, I mean the serious man whose personality is formed and stands out in a crowd of non-entities.

To invoke the Spirit in a work is always possible. One should equip himself with that capacity to start with. A man's life has a few essential segments such as his work, home, his friends and a few others. One who is employed in an office would very much love to have a problem-free office life. This can be split into his actual work, his temperament and casual work. In each area, he can practise invoking the Spirit. It will work splendidly. To achieve the goal is not difficult, but to maintain it is. I address only those who cherish what they have worked for. When problems are NIL in work, the temperament will go out of control. Anticipation of this feature will help to control it.

Having accomplished it at the office, he must move to the house. Knowledge that he is adding to the carrying capacity of the personality must make him widen the scope of it. Success here too is assured, but one has to proceed slowly and methodically. The golden rule is preserving the earlier gain is more important than further conquests. When his office, home and friends are tackled, he will be able to see the limits of his endurance. Stop there and leave the minor things to themselves. Don't attempt perfection. This is a rare conquest. Life will be Problem-Free within these limits which may be 85% or 75%. Any serious person can accomplish this much. Further progress is for those who are capable of endless endurance and an unexpectant Patience, a patience that knows no end. Life can shed problems where the Spirit takes over. The above is a method to organise the Spirit in Life.

story | by Dr. Radut