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213. Knowledge is Power

In the realm of Spirit - the Divine Mother - whatever you KNOW well, as a well-formulated idea is Power. That is why when you DECIDE to do a thing you know very well, it happens immediately. An American devotee used to smile unbelievingly when this idea was spoken. He was laughing at the superstitions of the Indians, though before his very eyes it was happening. He returned to the USA for six months. On his return, he reported several incidents in his own experience that it was so. Still he could not believe.

Surrender is the principle in integral yoga. It is so complete and so consummate a principle that one who surrenders becomes the Absolute Brahman. No one except Sri Aurobindo and The Mother followed it. He surrendered to HER and She surrendered to HIM. She never wanted anything if it was not coming to HER through Sri Aurobindo. Once SHE fell ill and the temperature rose to 107o F. This was before the Ashram was organised in its present form. The local doctor could not diagnose The Mother. A doctor from Madras was sent for. He came and diagnosed that HER heart was weak. The temperature remained at 107o F. The human body does not reach such a high temperature. It could not remain there for long.

There was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo in Midnapore. A telegram was sent to him requesting him to come. It was a long journey from Midnapore to Pondicherry via Calcutta and Madras. Sri Aurobindo's brother met the doctor at the railway station and said, "There is a French lady who is a disciple of Sri Aurobindo. She has extraordinary occult power. She can cure any disease in anyone. She can cure Herself. For some reason She is not using Her power. Doctors here are unable to diagnose HER. Without knowing what it is, Sri Aurobindo's power does not act."

The doctor went up directly to the patient and then came down. On the staircase he met Sri Aurobindo coming up. He made pranams and wrote on a paper 'gout' and gave it to Him and went for his bath. Before he came out of the bathroom there was jubilation outside and disciples were shouting "The temperature is coming down. It is one degree less." The Himalayan Powers of Sri Aurobindo could not work in the absence of knowing. The feeble power of our mind too can let the Force work when it knows. Knowledge is Power, especially the knowledge of one who is spiritually awakened.

story | by Dr. Radut