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263. Overriding Personality

An astrologer was amusing himself at a hotel table with his predictions. He said to the server, "Your hand is lucky." The humble server carried a greater wisdom than what the astrologer had given him. He said, "Sir, what does luck mean to a man like me? Maybe I would get four idlis instead of the present two idlis."

When India became free, it was NOT only those who worked hard for freedom that entered the Ministry, but it was Mathai, a Tata executive, R.K. Shunmugham Chetty, a toady of the British government. It is not only desert that meets with the reward, but one's own Personality. Ordinarily, we expect talents to be rewarded. We appreciate skills, we honour capacity, we adore talents. But when the hour of reward arises, the reward comes not in proportion to our abilities or talents, but according to our status and Personality.  There is all round disappointment. This is so when your talents are to be recognized by others.

What about people working in their own company? Rewards come from the market, not anyone. Intelligence, memory, hard work, skill, capacity, knowledge, etc. however great they really are, are partial endowments.  Partial capacities can only contribute, not accomplish by themselves. Responsibility, seriousness, patience, strength of character, and incapacity to react, i.e. equality, go to make up the Personality. Generally, Personality goes with status, high birth or something outstanding in one. Even if LUCK descends on one, luck redefines itself in the shape of the hotel server's Personality as four idlis. The same luck in the horoscope of a mill owner's son may confer on him a Ministership.

God gives Grace as Luck, Personality prunes it to its own size. Can one raise his Personality? Skills, capacities, memory, talents, abilities acquired will contribute to the accomplishment of the Personality. But values such as honesty, punctuality, kindness, integrity, etc. will directly raise the level of one's Personality. Values are spiritual skills. Invoking the Spirit, living by the standards set by the Spirit - a life of values - will strengthen one's Personality.

story | by Dr. Radut