Series V

801)                Man seeking stupendous progress should locate his KNOT and undo it, whether it be a confusion or a grade.

802)                An occasion for marvel turns into one of catastrophe when the being fails to emerge, while the becoming is ready for that emergence. p

803)                Catastrophe is the marvel of becoming insisting on the leisurely enjoyment of its own infinity before it. p

804)                Nature insists on enjoying every moment of the infinity before it. The being fulfilling its urge by refusing to emerge in the ripest moment is catastrophe. &

805)                Not only the thumb print, but every event is unique. It has its own unique application of general rules. Lack of appreciation of the uniqueness of the event inevitably produces the opposite result of catastrophe. p

806)                Marvel and catastrophe are the opposite sides of the same event of becoming. Being emerging, the becoming is marvel. Catastrophe issues when the becoming is ready for the emergence of being and the being fails to rise to the occasion. p

807)                When man refuses the positive knowledge God offers him through life, God becomes a criminal to teach him the same knowledge negatively.

The criminal and harlot are saints giving man knowledge of God negatively. &

808)                The indignities, calumny, hostility, and ridicule a pioneer faces today are the civilised versions of murder and torture of erstwhile centuries. He is lucky to be heckled, not murdered. In the past, the pioneer was surrounded by thugs who murdered for the joy of murder, whereas today it is only a band of pickpockets who rob his purse and shower jibes on him. p

809)                God's Love comes to us as human anger because we are irritable. p

810)                Wisdom is totally helpless when experience asserts. Complete folly asserts its past failures. God behind wisdom meets his counterpart behind complete folly.

Human wisdom behind justice, beauty, truth, goodness, fairness, magnanimity is fated to meet God's wisdom behind cruelty, ugliness, falsehood, evil, injustice, meanness, etc. God does not tolerate the narrow human wisdom and exposes its insufficiency by appearing behind their opposites.

811)                Brahman is the being, Maya is the Consciousness.

a.     ----- Sri Aurobindo &

812)               Sri Aurobindo says that man can determine his evolutionary status. In the industrialised countries man determines how long he can live. There he chooses the level of his wealth. Devotees can see that they can create luck in their lives as many have seen at some period of their lives.
Mother's consciousness is a self-determinant.

813)                The robber baron and the pirate smuggler have had their heydays in history. In certain parts of the world in certain periods, they did rule. The corrupt politicians and the unscrupulous businessmen are ruling the roost today. The world looks up to them.

The spiritual man never lived a social life. At whatever station he is, potentially he has the greatest social power hereafter.

814)                Physical exercise, nutrition, health care, knowledge of health habits, disciplined vital, positive mental emotions, and spiritual values of patient equality have their impact on health and longevity. Each of them has a potential to override its corresponding determinism. The least of them is physical exercise that nullifies the physical determinism of the natural deterioration of the body. The highest issues from the inner spiritual equality. A combination of these qualities is worked out now by us unconsciously. A conscious selection can always be made.

When physically living in Mother's atmosphere, one gets it for his body automatically. Anyone who works out a good combination of them can choose his life span and until the last date he will be in fine fettle. When the end is to come, it can always come suddenly by any chink of personality which abounds in us. p

815)                Normal man's life can be compared to cultivation by rainfall. Civilised life is parallel to irrigated cultivation. Psychologically self-aware life is like modern cultivation. Spiritual life has the potential of drip irrigation of the Israeli farmer who has taken agriculture to scientific precision.

816)                Every man has in his atmosphere all the circumstances from which he needs to learn or to benefit. What matters is the opening to them.

817)                Each man has a personality, physical or vital. He is that constantly. He can reach at something else like remembering Mother by effort for a short while and revert to his own personality. The only thing he can be constantly is the person he is, not anything else, not even remembering Her. He can remember Her constantly if he changes to Mother's personality. p

818)                What man constantly is, is his subconscient personality; not what he momentarily seeks, like Mother's remembrance.

Man, who wants to be something constantly, must acquire it as a subconscious possession, not merely as conscious endeavour. p

819)                Selfishness can be cultured or rudely boorish. In either case its one demand of anyone is: give up what you have and leave me to myself.

820)                Affection is practically attachment based on attention. It is more based on proximity than sentiment or even blood relationship.

821)                Stubbornness that is often mistaken for faith still yields results with Mother initially since it is the faith of the physical.

822)                Constant initiative at condescension is the urge of those who have fallen from their status; it is pronounced in the next generations.

823)                Relics carry a powerful atmosphere. When samadhi flowers arrive at a place for the first time, the same power can be seen.

In response to deep devotion, samadhi flowers reveal the atmosphere of relics.

824)                Surrender can be practised from either end, inner or outer. It is best done from both ends. &

825)                You acquire the full strength of that to which you fully surrender. That is why surrender makes man god. &

826)                When an unreliable partner becomes reliable, the work becomes a success. When an uncontrollable impulse becomes controllable, yoga at that level becomes possible. p

827)                God seeks a higher delight than bliss in creation. Therefore he creates contradictions, splitting one into two opposites. The truth is hidden in the opposites. The conflict of their surfaces generates a struggle of intensity to bring the hidden truth out. Thus the static bliss changes into active delight. &

828)                The process of creation is the process of creating Ignorance out of knowledge. Evolution is knowledge emerging out of Ignorance.&

829)                One becomes human in the measure of his reliability.

830)                Selfishness is incapable of conceiving of selflessness even in others.

831)                Any leader achieves in the measure of his inner reliance on God. Anyone around him achieves in the measure he relies on the leader.

832)                When purposelessness descends to purpose, it is the subtle power trying to achieve in the gross plane. Hence failure is not on the agenda.

833)                Perverse, malicious meanness is the vital counterpart of the tyrant who enjoys torturing innocent victims. The torture is physical, the meanness is vital.

834)                Harmony in human relationships gives the strength of each to the other, disharmony gives the weakness to the other similarly.

835)                Life continually exchanges forces carrying capacities. By moving from disharmony to harmony, the exchange of weakness is replaced by that of strength. p

836)                Sri Aurobindo says that Nature which has an immense capacity for wastes, is a scrupulous miser when she is set on a purpose. It is analogous to the sculptor who apparently wastes enormous chunks of stone, yet when he comes to carving a figure is careful not to chip a shade more than is necessary. &

837)                The man who understands the process is closer to achieving it.

838)                Civilisation in the first phase creates potentials and in the second phase creates the capacity to convert that potential into results.

839)                Experience and knowledge create potential. Action and organisation convert the potential into results.

Civilisation creates potentials for civilisation. It is a measure of higher civilisation to know how much potentials are converted into results.

840)                It is the sense of sin that ushered in the first phase of civilisation; the second phase is one when it is overcome. As the army is the physical instrument and money the vital institution, SIN is a psychological device to progress.

841)                For a few centuries the service done by maps, records, manuals, log books and printing has been immense. Of these, dictionaries and directories do an outstanding service. In future, the world needs their compeers in psychology. Audio-video directories that list from literature and history examples for every human trait like jealousy or sweetness is one such. An audio-video dictionary for every psychological term such as attraction, repulsion, goodness, equality will do a great service in future.

842)                The abominably wrong man realises when his victim has gained more than he. He expresses his change of heart as, "Somewhere, somehow I missed a clue."

843)                To evaluate the other man's real strength in terms of tricks or subterfuges is one way meanness exercises itself.

844)                How can an empire state be called democracy? Britain and France do not qualify to be democracies just by their form of government. Territorial aims disqualify a nation to the democratic ideal. Democracy is the recognition of every other man's right to equality at birth, not by someone granting it.

Rights exist by themselves and are not granted by condescension. Democracy is the self-existent right to equality.

845)                One should reach his central will before consecrating individual acts by smaller wills. &

846)                He who wants to give up human relationships and take to Mother must first give up his ego and centre himself in his psychic. It is ego that seeks human relationships for the purpose of domination of some type. &

847)                When man's senses give up impressions and seek only facts, science emerges. By giving up the sense instrumentation altogether, his reason changes into intuition. &

848)                How can there be any gratitude in one who shields ingratitude?

849)                The origin of all culture is the physical environment, not the inner equipment.

850)                Consecration activates the soul centre by each act of consecration. &


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