Series V

851)                Receiving without giving leads to retaliation by the receiver. The giver will be invariably offended.

852)                The nervous timidity before an audience changes with strength to challenge the same audience.

853)                When you go to Madras spending Rs. 50/- for the bus, you spend another Rs. 50/- from the bus stand to go home. This is how life offers different versions of its justice.

854)                Concentration by meditation is powerful. Concentration that comes by calling is FULL, which fills the whole being down to its roots. &

855)                Mean selfishness and great spiritual receptivity can dwell together. &

856)                Irrational people working part of the system find the system oppressive, while the efficiency of the system is all but neutralised by their irrationality. Adult suffrage in a democracy is such a combination.

857)                Members of the royal family feeling they are born to rule is a superstition of the physical mind. The unambitious humility of the low-born endowed with great potentials is equally such a superstition.

858)                Mother's knowledge carries power which is carried only by money. p

859)                Man reaching the Reality through the universe will reach it in its fullness. He seeks it through the individual and therefore misses the fullness, lands in the indefinable -- three levels from the Absolute. &

860)                Knowledge for man is mastery of the environment outside and completeness of the being inside. &

861)                Vedic Immortality is the balance they showed us at the physical level of the being. To them it was supreme infinity and divine universality. &

862)                Progress is to move from fact to symbol. Once the symbol is created, the whole world is after that. Money is one such symbol. A greater symbol than that is prestige. Those who want to release man's energies will do well to minister to his prestige.&

863)                The unconscious man, unconscious of his potentialities, is known to be humble. Humility is the conscious awareness of one's potentialities and not appropriating them to one's ego.

Humility is egolessness, not unawareness of one's inner value. p

864)                Circumstances can lead to imaginary potentials of personality. Equally so, other circumstances can help ignore real potentialities.

865)                Man becoming a victim of circumstances is unconscious.

866)                To rise above the compulsion of the outer circumstances is to be conscious. p

867)                Existence not merely concealed itself as non-existence but created the separate ego into which it fortified its concealment. Hence the secret of existence now is to exceed the ego. &

868)                Double opening needs to shift the concentration from outside to inside.&

869)                Human choice is a choice of VALUES. At each step to choose a course of the right values out of strength, is the right human choice.

870)                Man never has any hesitation to assume any new attitude like the drunkard in Shakespeare's prologue. Only that he must feel the authority for it.

871)                Secrecy in a low atmosphere, and frankness in a strong atmosphere help accomplish. The reverse is disastrous.

872)                Purna Yoga differs from the traditional yogas even as democracy differed from monarchy, in that democracy offered everyone the right to become the head of the nation while Purna Yoga offers everyone the knowledge that is power to become God. &

873)                The tons of gold ornaments have lost their exhibitionist value in sophisticated gatherings. The muscle man who by virtue of his muscular strength ruled nations earlier has lost the power of his muscles in a democracy that votes its leader to power. In all areas where thought leads the nation, the rich man has no direct role to play.

Gold ornaments, landed wealth, power of muscles as well as accumulated wealth have no meaning in a world that is lead by knowledge. When knowledge becomes powerful, they all will disappear.

874)                The future, maybe even the present, belongs to knowledge. It will become a reality when knowledge becomes knowledge of power.

Power that has ruled the earth through muscle and money has now moved to knowledge. It will further move to Spirit. &

875)                A just and rational mediator for a party is one who accepts the party's authority. That is the extent to which parties are willing to be 'rational.'

876)                The beginning of wisdom is to know the unknowable -- Sri Aurobindo &

877)                You cannot know It, you can become It. By giving up the desire to know It, one becomes It. &

878)                By giving up the desire to enjoy, one becomes Joy itself. &

879)                By giving up the desire to master, one becomes not master but Mastery itself. &

880)                The subjective includes the objective. The objective cannot include the subjective. &

881)                The rubber snake is harmless. The fright it causes is real when we do not see it is rubber. It is partially so even when we see the truth. There is no real harm, no real cause for fright. In another sense it is an artistic product. Evil is not REAL, it has no harm for man. So is tyranny. But all of them are real to the mind's perception. This is Sri Aurobindo's explanation of evil.&

882)                It is the capable selfish person who prospers in life. Had he been selfless, his wealth would have no chance to accumulate.

883)                Man seeks power before knowledge because he is physical. p

884)                Human mind realises the value of anything only in its absence. Hence the opposite is of value and significance. To recognise that value of contradiction is spiritual wisdom. &

885)                Man can receive information but not thought. He has to receive the information and convert it into thought by his own thinking. The unthinking masses demand their own thoughts from the leaders and end up unthinking followers.

886)                There is only one process of action or accomplishment. It is the process of creation. It repeats at all levels. It moves from being to consciousness to Ananda to comprehension. At that point it becomes creative. &

887)                The ultimate delight in this creation is the objectless delight in the objects. What is insubstantial in Satchidananda is made permanent and substantial by matter. That is the significance of Matter. &

888)                The depth of concentration is determined by the depth and width of knowledge. &

889)                It takes time, a very long time, for us to give an opening to Mother. She takes no time to act. She always acts instantaneously. &

890)                Human affection at its best can be selfish and therefore is capable of turning into its opposite, hate, at any time. &

891)                Enjoyment for man, Mother says, is throwing away the energy. This is so because before the energy organises itself, it has to saturate the plane with itself. The process of saturation takes the form of throwing away energy. &

892)                Man is attracted by an opportunity that carries a difficulty. We see he is attracted to it in spite of the difficulty. The truth is, it is that difficulty that attracts him. &

893)                Pain, difficulties, disease, danger, etc. have an irresistible attraction for man and they present themselves externally through an opportunity. &

894)                The soul that longs for an experience of pain makes the mind see its external as an opportunity. &

895)                When mind sees a difficulty, the soul feels an attraction to the opportunity it is. &

896)                Seeing the contrary (difficulty) as complement (opportunity) is the knowledge of the soul. &

897)                Mind recoils from problems; soul makes for them. &

898)                What sin is to a narrow personality is no sin to greatness. It even enjoys doing it. &

899)                Greatness emerges out of narrowness of sin to enjoy the true occasion of the act. &

900)                To be able to see it in others is yogic vision. He who perceives that in those who betrayed him is face to face with the Marvel of this creation.&


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