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166. I Do Not Know What to Pray For

On most occasions, we know exactly what we want and what we wish to pray for. Occasionally we are in situations where this faculty deserts us. Spiritually, it is a fine moment, as the meddling mind is rendered powerless to interfere leaving the entire field free for the Spirit to act.

The Divine Mother, who answers the invisible calls all the time, sometimes even stopping HER work, says that when a man is in utter despair it is the best moment for him to call Her, as She can act readily and without the fetters of human interference. At these moments, devotees say, "My prayers are usually answered, but somehow, this time they are not only answered at once but the results are abundant," not knowing the freedom they chose to give the incoming Spirit.

A lady government employee was approached by a co-worker for a loan of Rs.5000/-. She explained she had to return 20,000/- to another person but was short of 5000/-. This lady was quite willing to lend it, but she had no ready cash. She had no heart to refuse a co-worker. She suddenly asked her friend for a day's time or at the most two day's time.

Having come home, the problem was not so simple as at the time of asking. When her friend asked, it was simple that she had no money to give. Now several issues crowded in her mind so that she declared to herself "I do not know what to pray for." Her mind went blank. She could not actively consecrate, but the issue did not constitute a weight on her mind anymore. Later in the day, the friend who needed the money approached her with a beaming face to say, "I had a call from Karur Vyasa Bank to which I had applied for a loan of Rs.50,000/-. It was sanctioned." The devotee felt a complete relief on more than one account but never understood that her own perplexity had removed her mind's interference in the issue which enabled the Spirit to act largely on the whole of the issue.

story | by Dr. Radut