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108. Silent Suffering

Timidity provokes strength to tyranny. In the occult dispensation of life, that is how strength expands its domain of authority. Going further away from the surface mind to the subliminal which lies beyond the inner mind that lies just below the surface, the highest rule of life urges the weak to invite teasing by the strong.

In a small local establishment, there were three partners, one poor and the second very rich. The third was neither poor nor rich. They all were childhood friends who emigrated to Singapore in the prewar days in search of petty jobs. Having acquired substantial savings, all returned home to invest their savings in a partnership. Life was smooth and they became local celebrities.

Life and its rules are inexorable. The rich partner decided to activate his existence by amusements of his liking. Being uneducated and uncultured, the only natural amusement that came to him was teasing or provoking others for its own sake. Obviously, he could not do so with the richest of partners. Therefore, he practised it copiously on the poor one down the line. As days passed, life became unbearable for the poor partner, a veritable hell. He could not bring himself to complain to the senior partner because he was not sure which turn it would take.

He sought relief and solace and thus landed on a friend who lived by the Spirit. The friend listened without offering any advice. The Spirit acted, changing the course of events. The teasing partner tried to tease the senior partner too. Provoked to action, he bought the share of the teasing partner and ousted him. Coming to the victim he declared, "The other man is intolerable. I bought his share on my behalf and yours. You can pay me at your convenience."  Silent suffering is as powerful as Silent will.

story | by Dr. Radut