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174. Unemployment and the Unemployed

There are certain rules of life that have no exception, as when you eat hunger is quenched; at night exhaustion brings overwhelming sleep; beauty attracts; power energises. One such rule is overflowing interest in work - not a job that gives a salary - gets anyone employment. This rule has no exceptions. Generally those who are unemployed are, in the words of the former President of the World Bank, unemployable. Those who have no skills, no education, no training are out of work. Worse still are those who have no energy. The worst of them are who hate work, whose ideal is NOT to work. No wonder they are out of work and find it difficult to get it.

It is equally true of those who seek promotions. In spite of the atmosphere of politics, intrigues, and corruption in some offices, he who has acquired the knowledge of the higher post and is a willing worker, will readily get promoted. Those who are denied promotions are those who crave for the higher post with higher remuneration but are averse to work. Invocation of Spirit readily gets one a job or longed for promotion because it energises his faculties. If invocation is a spiritual method, changing the mental attitude to work is a method of mind. To accomplish any work, high and desirable, or tough and impossible or routine, flat work methods can be devised in each of the planes - physical, vital, mental, Spiritual or Supramental.

When the aim is employment, it matters little which method brings the job. The best example I have is of the man who said," When I finish breakfast if I see a bed anywhere I long to lie down and sleep". At the age of 45, he moved to 19 jobs and lost the last one on Rs. 800/-.  He is too much even to the Spirit, I thought, and refrained from any initiative. Perhaps under pressure from his wife, he began to pray for a job. He could get one on Rs. 3000/- and a daily allowance of 450/- for 20 days in a month. After enjoying it for three years, he reverted to his ideal and lost the job, after which he avoided my relationship. Longing for work, unfailingly gets a JOB.

story | by Dr. Radut