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115. Generosity – Meanness

It requires a generous heart to delight in another's success. True generosity handsomely recognises another's talents and endowments. Generosity of emotions is Spiritual. The highest hallmark of generous emotion towards another is the ability to give another by one's own endeavour what lies outside his own best efforts. If one can be generous, he need not evoke the Spirit in him specially, as it will surface in his normal actions. Certain places will be entirely of generous people and it may be found in the entire district. In such places it is rare that one is given a nickname. Personal defects, family misfortunes, etc., will NOT be referred to in conversation with him directly. Not to discuss such things even in his absence is true generosity of culture.

The richest man in a place sent his wife home, retaining his two children with him and pampered the children to the best of his ability. At school, the boys would be asked where their mother was. That question alienated that boy forever from the unfortunate victim. Each time the boy went to the next class, the very first question the teacher asked would be about the mother. There was one boy in the same class who never asked that odious question. He was from another cultured district.

To ask another to do what we cannot do ourselves is meanness, says the Divine Mother. There are plenty of instances of both types in life. As a rule, great men are unpopular in their own hometowns. That continues to be so even after they attain national fame or international fame. Some families are thus unfortunate, grudging to recognise the value of a family member. Particularly in marriage, it is rarely present. The capacity to recognise the spouse's endowments and further, to acknowledge it handsomely ensure a happy marriage.

story | by Dr. Radut