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104. Determined Refusal of Good Luck

Man will vehemently deny that he refuses GOOD LUCK. In Truth, that is what is prevalent. Often great good luck comes as an alliance of inter-caste marriage. Traditional people are unable to accept that. To accept luck, one cannot sacrifice the long cherished caste privilege. From his point of view, one many find a justification for such an attitude. At a time when jobs were scarce and VIPs were unable to secure one, a dull, poor, neglected boy was approached out of sheer sympathy with a job somewhere in the district. He flatly refused and scorned the sympathy, as he desired a job only in his own town. This may surprise the reader, but most of us get into the mind-set of this unfortunate boy when we expect Life to give us what we want in the very form of our cherished desires, making allowance for our innumerable prejudices.

A heroic missionary who was officially deserted by his Mission ventured successfully and created a first-rate institution in the very name of that Mission. He craved for public support. It was not forthcoming. In 25 years, he collected a total donation of Rs.2350/-. The missionary was self-sacrificing, dynamic, an achiever. An employee of his, admiring the greatness of the boss, pointed out to him the extraordinary resources at his own disposal.

The boss listened to the revolutionary idea, worked on paper and pencil and found he could, with his own potential, earn Rs. 85,000/- a year. The employee felt a triumph, but it was transient. The boss was kind enough to tell him, "It is a great idea, but you are an employee of mine. How can I learn from you?"  The employee was turned down.

This is an extreme example, but don't we see this prejudice all around us, refusing Good Luck in one fashion or another? Are we free from it?


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story | by Dr. Radut