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114. Abolition of Space

Technology abridges Time and shortens Space. That  is an index for the advancement of civilisation. Every mechanical aspect has its psychological counterpart.

There are emotional people who cannot wait for an hour to see the child that returned from school. To many of us, it sounds unreasonable; to them it is an emotional reality. One such person while he is eating wants his father to come at once if only the inner emotions rise. The father invariably appears at the door. Otherwise, he cannot continue eating.

While walking on the pavement of a broad crowded road if you see a friend on the other side of the pavement, your deep desire to meet him often makes him look at you. This is a common experience. The power of your mental concentration makes the other respond to you. Often a brother does not write for a prolonged period. A wife who has gone to her parents with an unspoken grievance refuses to communicate. A son who turned a fugitive leaves the anxious parents behind who are helpless. Invoking the Spirit on these occasions evokes a response and also wipes out the problem of psychological contention between them.

There are those who can only weep and wail and not call the Spirit. Mind and vital (life) are other layers or planes of our being. At such moments, one can go as deep as possible in their thoughts or better still their feelings in the stomach - the solar plexus - and call the name of the person intensely. Actually, the best of responses comes when you go deeper than the solar plexus to a vital centre. When calling from there, the voice is heard by the other person and they act -- write or return home or respond in some fashion -- accordingly. It always works without fail. This way, a response can be certainly evoked while the Spirit that is commissioned will solve, in addition, the problem that created the separation.

story | by Dr. Radut