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105. Correspondences in Life

In a very broad sense, we can discover a rule of correspondence between any two events. It may be direct or indirect or even oblique. The simplest one is when you abuse your wife at home and go to the office, the boss abuses you. Here the correspondence is direct. In an exceptionally pitiable case, a husband abused by his wife goes to the office to be abused by the boss. This too is a correspondence!

As we meet with problems, such as lending a substantial sum to your brother-in-law and not being in a position to remind him after some years, it is embarrassing. We may not now remember that a pitiably small amount owed to a neighbour is outstanding and he is not collecting it. Return this small sum to your neighbour, and your brother-in-law will return his due the same day. Even when you see these correspondences work in precision, it will be difficult to believe it.

An industrialist was close to the state Chief Minister but the CM never took action in his favour. He was worried about it. One who knows the rules of correspondence told him, "You are extremely polite. You never utter a negative word. To whomever wants something of you, you always reply that it can be done or should be done, but you don't act." As you are to others, Life is to you.

A man desired to help his watchman. Every time he wanted to employ others for works the watchman could do, the employer happily offered the work to the watchman with the result, the income of the watchman rose four or five times. In later years when the employer began to preside over bigger projects, every time he sought funds for his project, he was offered four or five times the amount. For several reasons he could not avail of any of them. Finally, funds of that amount came to him as a gift of affection.

story | by Dr. Radut