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124. Large as Life

Life is larger than social life. Human life exceeds social life in dimension. Life is far wider in its scope than either social life or human life. Nature outstrips life. Existence on earth is not confined to Nature. It consists of many other worlds such as the subtle world of spirits that leave the bodies of the dead, occult worlds invisible to the naked eye and sometimes even to mental perception. Beyond lie the causal worlds proper to the Spirit. In the widest sense, Man's life is mental. All his important decisions are taken not by the mind rationally but by his dynamic temperament called vital. We also know all serious issues of life are determined by material properties that are physical or momentary interests that are vital.

It is not given to man, especially the common man, to rise to the full stature of life whether it is social or human, not to speak of Life in general or Nature that includes life as its part. Education widens the horizons of his mind, while travel and experience enlarge his personality. Advancing society compels him, though gently, to rise to greater heights of personality. Only the explorer, the leader, the pioneer, those who court danger and adventure reach a wider dimension of life, if only for a short period.

The Spirit surfacing on personal life expands the scope of Man's existence to the borders of social and human lives and goes beyond. In fact, the Spirit opens up vistas beyond Nature to the narrow mental life of the social man hedged in the confines of his moral conception.

As life in the twentieth century cannot disregard electricity or oil, etc, human life in the twenty first century has a lot to benefit by letting the Spirit rule. It is not a difference in degree but one in the very basic dimension of existence. Spirit enables Man to grow as large as life in his own sphere.

story | by Dr. Radut