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121. Micro-nutrients of Personality

A disease arises through the disorder of an organ or by a physiological imbalance. The natural method of cure will be to set right the disorder or restore the lost balance. There are other methods, though partial and temporary, to achieve the same results. A person of mediocre abilities is often selected on the basis of excellent social skills of fine manners, or even fluency in good English. This is one example in public life.

There is another side to this phenomenon. An Indian agronomist settled in California and specialised in micro-nutrients of the soil for 30 years which produced spectacular yields in cotton, tomato, rice and several other crops. He discovered that when the missing micro-nutrients are supplied, the soil exhibits its very best by producing twice or more. The same is true in health, education, social production and all other fields.

The speed of the Indian economy is about two, while the same is three in several advanced countries. There are a host of methods to increase the velocity of money circulation just by administrative decisions of the government and fresh business practices. They will raise the 2 to 2 1/2 with a corresponding increase in productivity as well as Prosperity. Invariably doctors now advise physical exercises which can mitigate very many disease. One student consistently stood first in studies just by underlining the important points in the exam with red ink. News papers find their graphics help higher sales. For the Indian individual as well as the nation, there are very many such useful ingredients. Two of them stand out,

  1. Personal reliability evidenced in utter truthfulness, and
  2. Punctuality in Time as well as work.

In the post war period, packaging has played that role very much. In a world where a well-dressed person gets along, I plead for dressing up the inner personality of character of Truth.

story | by Dr. Radut