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083. Faith in One's Spirit

Most of us have a general faith in the Spirit as we have in Truth. How many of us, in critical moments, believe that Truth will save us, not falsehood? Our respect for Truth is a little more than lip service. Faith in the Spirit is of that kind. Not that we do not believe in the power of Spirit, but it never rises to pure faith that can accomplish in life.

First one must ask himself whether he truly believes in the greater power of Spirit than the Mind. If so, he can begin at that point. If he does believe, he can endeavour to raise it to complete Faith. If one does not, is there a method by which he can develop that Faith? It is a hard case, but not impossible for hard work. Obviously he knows mind is powerful and the Spirit is more powerful. As the Spirit is dormant in all of us, an attempt to understand stirs the Spirit. If his prolonged questioning himself leads him to concede that the Spirit is more powerful that the mind, then he must fling a question at himself whether he BELIEVES what his mind understands. Once the mind understands, belief is possible. He must inwardly concentrate on this new knowledge till it becomes a belief.

Belief is better than non-belief. But belief will not move matters. He must further raise the belief to Faith. During this period, if he is observant, many small things such as the visit of a friend whom he wanted to call on will take place, which are indications of faith being slowly born. By understanding the powers of the Spirit more and more, there is a greater chance of belief and faith being born. Faith is the trump. It must be there or be created. If it is there, it must be raised to its full stature. Perseverance creates faith, says The Divine Mother. One must persevere till faith is born and rises to its full power. There are two further steps to accomplish in life, but faith is the cornerstone, the sheet anchor

story | by Dr. Radut