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080. Several Aspects of Shifting to the Spirit

A reader wrote saying he tried to invoke the Spirit in his profession of sales and did very well on that day. Another said the invocation gave a great inner calm that was pleasant. These are the material and spiritual expressions of successful invocation.  Another reader said he could not do it as he did not understand what it was all about and asked whether it is namasmarana. Optimistic personalities will easily take to it. Pessimists will find their pessimism stands in the way.

Clinging to the ways of tradition - astrology, etc. - which we consider venerable is a sure obstacle in this work. One may be quite willing to give up rituals, but his house may be disorderly or may even be dirty with cobwebs all over. Disorder and dirt will defy the Spirit. The house needs to be clean, clean by the highest possible standards. Orderliness is paramount. No shouting or loud voice is permissible. One must talk softly.

The mind may agree not to think of the auspicious hour, but at bottom it will dwell on it essentially. The knowledge of the mind that Spirit is far more powerful than astrology will help the shift. The shift admits of no compromises, as it is the Infinity that emerges out of the finite. What happens often is the shift oscillates, does not come to stay forever, but even for that temporary shift, the Spirit demands purity of mind, a weaning away that is total from all kinds of superstitions of the vital life and mental beliefs.

To know the Spirit is greater than life is elevating

and ennobling and helps one to shift.


story | by Dr. Radut